Our last episode before the mid season break and tangents abound. Poppy nerds out about Taylor Swift, SG confuses her American romance movies, and Ollie MIGHT have a chance at winning fanfic of the month. I swear we talk about a Percy verse fanfic somewhere in there.

Fic Pick: please don't ever become a stranger (whose laugh I could recognize anywhere) by Tonystarkisadad

Hosts: SG @thatdullgirl, Poppy @samiklynn, Ollie @ollievonvegan, & Tstan @tristanAMC

Theme Music: Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod

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We have reached our mid-season finale! We'll be taking the rest of May off, starting back up for the second half of the season in June discussing all things FIFA/Sports RP fics. Bet that's a fandom you haven't explored yet!

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